In addition to identifying investment targets for our capital deployment plans at the group level, we work with our partners and clients in developing investment strategies, identifying opportunities and execute on these plans for and on behalf of our stakeholders.

Our experience allows us to provide advisory services to new and existing investors in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, whether it be a new investment opportunity, or incremental growth strategy or a divestment plan. Our team comprises skill sets of private equity professionals, asset managers and operational leaders

We develop, review and assess business, operational, financial and medical plans for our clients, and deliver executable plans to our clients. Typically these plans would serve to either address challenges, realize new opportunities or facilitate organic/inorganic growth to investors, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, life sciences companies, medical device innovators.

We work with business owners and management teams to develop short and long term plans, and leverage our network of international partners including renowned healthcare operators, researchers, innovator and thought leaders and extend these alliances to our clients, thereby creating competitive advantages for them.

We provide investment and management advisory, financing and governance solutions across the board to our clients.